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Now using NFB-NEWSLINE®, blind and physically impaired people have unprecedented free access to hundreds of newspapers and magazines, just by picking up a phone, by visiting a secure website or using an IPhone, IPad or IPod Touch application. Using this innovative service people who would otherwise not be able to read a newspaper can access, at any time or at any place, the same essential entertaining news, that their neighbors, classmates, and colleagues enjoy. Subscribers to NFB-NEWSLINE® have unlimited access to over 300 publications and still growing. Oregon newspapers are: Eugene Register Guard, Salem Statesman Journal and The Oregonian in Portland.

To be eligible you must be legally blind or have a physical or learning disability that prohibits you from reading the paper independently. Your eligibility is not dependent on or restricted to affiliation with any particular consumer or support organization; the only thing that matters is that you cannot read the newspaperIf you are signed up for the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped you already quality for NFB-NEWSLINE®

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In Oregon sign up for NFB-NEWSLINE® at Talking Book and Braille Library

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