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This is sent for your information, and is not endorsed by the NFB.  If you wish to participate, it may be helpful for the researchers and blind people down the road.

Carla McQuillan
National Federation of the 
Blind of Oregon
Bell Academy
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Subject: Helping Improve Map and Search Apps for Visually Impaired Users

Hi there,

My name is Katie Reuther, and I represent an independent market research company called Eye Square. We are currently conducting a new nation-wide project to help improve map and search apps for visually impaired users.

We are looking for visually impaired map and search app users to talk to us via Zoom and give us their feedback. We are especially interested in finding people who use Android mobile phones. Do you think anyone within your network would be interested in participating? Interviews will last about an hour, and participants will be compensated for their time.

The basic qualifications to participate are that individuals be 18 years or older and that they use a screen reader on their smartphone.

Please have people email me directly if they're interested in the project or have any additional questions (accessibility at eye-square.com). 

Thanks so much!
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