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National Federation of the Blind of Oregon
College Scholarship Program

National Federation of the Blind of Oregon,
Portland Central Chapter
Entrepreneurial Scholarship Fund

The mission of the fund is to advance or aid in the start of ventures owned by blind entrepreneurs, artists, and/or musicians. Reference to “entrepreneur” in this document refers to individuals making a living through self employment in the creation of their own product or service.

Entrepreneurs may submit requests for funding on a rolling basis, but the amount awarded will depend both on the extent to which the entrepreneur satisfies the guidelines below as well as the quantity of funds over which the chapter has available for this purpose. The goal of these guidelines is to find recipients who are motivated and diligent in completing all steps to complete their project and/or run their businesses in an effective manner that makes the best use of the funds and expanding benefit for the blind.

Guidelines for application:

  • Priority will be given to active members of the NFB of Oregon.
  • Priority will be given to individuals and businesses that will help advance independence and well being of blind individuals/community.
  • Ideal applications should include a summary of the background of the owners and/or management team.
  • Applicants must clearly explain the purpose of the business’s existence, including its key products or services provided and how they are distinguished in the market.
  • New startups must provide a history of the work done so far that gives the review committee an understanding of the following and promise of sales and/or impact.
  • Applications must clearly state the amount of funds requested against the amount needed to complete the overall project (for example installing a lighted storefront sign costs $5,000; of which $1,000 is proposed for scholarship by the NFB entrepreneurial fund). It must then back up the proposed funding/project with how it will help advance the company (for example, a lighted sign will help the business to better stand out against others and gain more attention from customers to increase sales and thereby profitability for the owner).
  • Ideal applications will include project estimates recruited by contractors or party that will be completing the work, with either competing bids from other parties or recommendations to back up the use of one particular firm.
  • Ideal applications will propose or show successful receipt of other funds for the project or past projects and/or expected time to receive full funds and complete the project.
  • Applicants can expect to hear back from the committee within 4 weeks of submission
  • Applicants who are given the funds must submit receipts and/or sales records to show successful use of funds towards the intended prupose

To get started, complete an online application.

For questions or more information send an email.

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